Dragonlance - The Plague Wars

The River of Time

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Paladine and Takhisis are among the gods no more. While Takhisis is supposed dead of mortal wounds as she was striped of her place among gods, Paladine is still thought to roam Krynn as a mortal man. The other gods remain with the world and continue their influence.

The Wizards of High Sorcery have all but eliminated sorcerers from practicing their magics and once again have a firm hold all things arcane. The gods of magic have not intervened, and so with silence have given their approval.

Rumors abound of creatures never before seen walking the face of Krynn. With them comes talk of plague and disease, traversing all known lands. Scholars say they have never seen the like of it and portend the end of days. A faction has even gone so far as to proclaim Krynn itself is dying.

There is no place in the world any more evident of the troubles that face Krynn, than in the port town of Alsip, on the shores of the Straits of Algoni on the western edge of Wayreth Forest. Since the fall of Qualinost, 10 years hence, the lands of Qualinesti have become home to all manner of raiders and outlaws. Captain Samuval, leader of a renegade army, continues his efforts in northern Qualinesti to draw more humans to the area by promising land, once known only to elves, in return for service in his army. Travelers in the south have come across large, organized forces of goblin and hobgoblin. Their presence and continued organization is of concern to all in the lands. And still, Nalis Aren, the lake of death, where once stood the capitol Qualinost, remains foreboding and dark. All say that those who died in that great tragedy, still remain to claim the living, as payment for their sad end. And more recent, the forest of Wayreth itself seems to be growing putrid and vile. Reports of strange creatures, never before seen, are coming from small towns and farming communities from all around and within the great forest.

Still, the Tower of High Sorcery within the forest remains hidden and unfound by any outside the orders of High Sorcery. None seem interested in finding it either, as magic remains a great source of distrust and suspicion.


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