Exiled Minotaur Warlord


Krang's true name is Krang de Ganthirogani, from Kothas, as indicated by the de- diminutive and was part of the Ganthirogani tribe of that isle. His home city was the capitol of Kothas, Kalpethis. Since his banishment, he uses only his given name of Krang. He no longer considers himself from Kothas or part of minotaur society. He is ashamed and proud at the same time. Ashamed that he was banished, but proud that he stood his moral ground and professed his beliefs with honor.

Krang believes most strongly in lawfulness and honor and this falls inline with minotaur political and religious views, but his tollerance of the other races and belief that strong bonds between the races needs to be established, maintained and nurtured gained him a reputation for weakness. Then his heresay was uncovered that he did not follow Sargas, but instead Kiri-Jolith. This made him a religious target and ultimately resulted in his banishment. His life was spared as a respect for his prior service in the military, but he is never to return to minotaur society.

Krang, displaced from him homeland of Kothas and Mithos, has found himself on Ansalon in the port town of Alsip, trying to make his way through the world without succumbing to the mercenary life. He is desperately seeking a way to redeem himself so he may return home, but his political and religious views are so strong in him and so opposed to the views of his fellow minotaurs, he fears he may never be able to return home or see his family again. Krang desperately misses his tribe and family of which his mother, father and two siblings still live.

Krang doesn't use the Kothian (minotaur) language since his banishment, instead he speaks only in common tongue.

His hide is an auburn dirty red with a prominant white spot on his forehead. His horns are about 1' in length and adorned with metal rings near the base of each. He wears a dull black nose ring as a sign of his banishment.

His military service has gifted him with a very athletic body and powerful build. Amongst minotaurs, he is nither the largest or strongest of his stock, but amongst the other races of Krynn, he is towering and intimidating.

Krang's preferred weapon is a maul or warhammer. He was a footman in the Kothian military where he grew fond of those weapons and was well instructed in their use. He believes a blade to require too much precision to be lethal, where as a good crushing blow can prove far more dangerous to ones enemy.

As an outcast and generally mistrusted amongst the rest of world, Krang tends to avoid large cities and often finds himself in more seedy towns and villages, if he isn't camped in the wilderness, completely isolatd. He doesn't prefer this isolation, but understands his current place in the world and doesn't want to be the center of controversy or an excuse for some to focus their anger and hatred.

Krang is very lawful and honorable. He is gentle but firm, caring and helpful. He can also be cold and single minded in his course if that course serves the greater good.


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